Installing Viber on your PC : Viber on your Computer & Mobile for Download

Viber for PC is an application which is very common among people for making free phone calls between two viber users. Viber users may also send text messages (sms) to each other for free. Viber is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices. Viber is also available for Mac users but not for windows users. However just follow this simple tutorial and you will know how to use viber on your PC. You know Viber for Blackberry will also be launched very very soon. So if you have a blackberry mobile, then also don’t worry as it will be launched soon. You can now download Viber for PC and make free calls and send free text message to person using viber on his android mobile or iphone or Viber on PC. You can download Viber for PC and make those phones call using microphone stand and loudspeaker plugged into your personal computer.

To get Viber on your PC, all you need is a android emulator running on your PC. Once you have androd emulator running on your PC, then voilla you can use android emulator to get viber on your PC. You will not even know the difference.

The emulator allows you to make calls to other Viber users. Though you can request viber to launch the pc application soon. If you’re not having Java setup for your PC, then get the java running on your PC as the android emulator requires to download java on computer.

  • Download Viber for Android app for your PC.
  • Install the Viber App for the PC (Emulator).
  • Verify your number using your mobile number or Google Voice number.
  • Finally, Activate your Viber for PC .
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Viber Blackberry Problems and Questions

Viber is soon going to be launched for blackberry. And till the time viber gets launched for blackberry, people have just so many queries about it. We have compiled a small lists of questions about viber for blackberry and tried to answer some of them :

Q1 : On what types of Blackberry can one install Viber and use it normally ?

Ans : Viber is not yet launched for blackberry. However when launched it should work for all blackberry phones, be it bold or curve ! Even blackberry playbook.

Q2 : Any programs like Viber or Skype for Blackberry ?

A program which enables me to make free internet calls like skype to skype or viber to viber through the internet of the bb service or wifi . is it even possible for a blackberry 8900?

Ans : Have you tried Tango or Oovoo.

Q3 : Blackberry viber download?
Does anyone know if Viber will come out on blackberry anytime soon.
Ans : It will be launched very soon. Viber for Blackberry will be launched in few days (hopefully April 2012). Soon viber for blackberry download will be possible.

Q4 : Can i get viber on a blackberry?
Hey guys do you know if you can download viber on the blackberry my mom is nagging me about it she says i can get the iphone because i can get whatsapp and viber but i know you can get whatsapp on blackberry all i need to know is if you can get viber?

Ans : Viber confirmed on facebook page that it will be available very soon.

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Download & Install Viber on PC

Download Viber for PC and start making free phone calls and sending free text messages to other Viber users. Viber for PC helps you get Viber Application running on your PC.

What is Viber for PC

Don’t worry if you don’t have a smartphone, you can still make free calls from your PC. All you need is to install Viber for PC application on your computer. Viber PC App is not officially out, however with android emulator you can get viber installed on your PC. Its a simple few steps procedure and after that you will be able to make free calls to other viber users using Viber PC application.

Install Java and Android Emulator

Before we actually install Viber for PC, you need to get some additional softwares working on your Pc. Viber for Pc require android emulator. Android emulator requires to get the java installed on your Pc. So the first step is to get java installed on your pc. Java is a free program that can be downloaded from Oracle’s website for Java. This will help yo get Viber working on your Pc. We have focused this for Windows Pc, however it should work for mac as well.

You can follow these steps to get Java to install Viber on your PC:

  1. Visit Java website
  2. Click on Free Java Download
  3. It will download Java exe on your PC.
  4. Install this app and get java working on your Pc.

Viber application which can be used for making  free calls. You and your friend each got to have viber. Its a multi platform application: you can install viber on mobile and your friend on his computer or vice versa. Viber is officially there only for iPhone and Android phones.
You will be able to get Viber for computer and make free pc to phone calls and send free text to your friends who use either Viber on their Android or iPhones or Viber for computer.

With Viber in computer you’ll be able to able to communicate with friends

Viber for computer – step by step guide

To get Viber on your computer you got to have a android emulator on your computer. Lets find out how ? With the android emulator, you’ll install Viber for Android on it and then you’ll use Viber for Android as if it’s Viber for computer. You can register for a Viber account using your computer and then log in to Viber from your Viber for computer. This way, you’ll be able to make free calls to anyone using your computer.

Follow the steps below to have Viber for computer

  1. Download Android Emulator from Android developer’s web site.
  2. If you are do not have Java, then install that we well.
  3. Download Viber for Android app on your computer
  4. Install the Viber App on your computer (Emulator)
  5. Enter your phone number (Use Google voice number if you are do not have free text or use Callback method)
  6. Activate your Viber for computer app.
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